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Our long time personal interest and involvement in vintage war birds means that when you call Avlite, you are talking to people that truly know their business. Whether it's a WW2 bomber, fighter trainer or transport, Avlite has supplied lights to most of the flying inventory that now exists here in the USA as well as in Europe, Australia and elsewhere.

Specialized fixtures for specific U.S. made warplanes are in stock. This includes most items built to AN, MS, NAS as well as MIL or NAF specifications.


Korean and Vietnam war era aircraft are also covered by our vast inventory. Most components and sub-assemblies are also available. Drawings and parts lists are available to meet any requirement you may have.

For example, Avlite recently supplied a lighting package to Boeing Aircraft to use in the B-29 restoration now underway at their plant. We had EVERY component they required in stock.

Call Tom for friendly and knowledgeable assistance with any warbird lighting need.