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Warren Grimes himself developed position lights for Henry Ford's first trimotors. After leaving Ford's employ he set up shop in a small shed and began producing navigation lights for the growing fleet of America's aircraft. Landing and instrument lights soon followed. The C.A.A. began to require these fixtures on all aircraft and the manufacturers had to offer them on their new models.


Avlite offers a full line of fixtures for vintage aircraft from the Models A, B, and C nav lights to the early styles of retract lights ST250 and ST1220. Cockpit and instrument panel lights are also available.
Avlite is also pleased to offer a kit to retrofit a modern sealed beam lamp to the early ST250 retract light. The original modular lamps are no longer available.  

A full line of replacement parts for all of the above are also in stock. Recent discoveries of large stockpiles of lenses for these nav lights are now available as well.

Avlite can offer specific knowledge on vintage installations because of a long hands-on involvement in aviation, vintage, classic and modern aircraft.

Call Tom with your requirements. Part numbers are helpful but our files are full of most of the original drawings showing applications and listing component parts.